Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WARNING: this could be a long post. Sooo....this has been and interesting and busy past few days. So I'll just go day by day...

Friday: David and I finally got to get away for the weekend WITHOUT kids! Woo hoo! We booked a hotel in Del Mar (little north of San Diego) for 2 nights. David sent me a text Friday morning saying he felt like he was getting sick (blah, of course, someone always gets sick when we go out of town) but he was still up for going on our trip. We got up there in the evening and were gonna eat somewhere by the water, but it was Friday night and we just weren't up to fighting the crowds. So instead, we went and checked into our hotel (which was very nice for $60 a night, thank you Priceline) and we ordered room service for dinner, lounged around and then went and sat in the hot tub for a little while. Not bad.

Saturday: We woke up pretty early (of course, our chance to sleep in because we had no kids and we couldn't sleep, geez!) Oh well. David wanted to go to the Gun Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (huge fairgrounds, and known for good fairs) and I found out they were having a Kids expo in the next building. The kids expo was kinda a bust, I thought there would be more stuff considering it was in a big city, but not so much. I finished in there in less than an hour, so I made my way over to the gun show. It was soooo crowded! Lots of people. David wasn't feeling any better but he wanted to look around so we made our way through it pretty quickly for the size. He found some of the things he was looking for and then he was tired and his body was getting really sore. After we left there we found some lunch and then my sweet man took me down into San Diego so I could try to do some shopping. I really wanted to go to the Nordstrom Rack because I found some really good stuff last time, this time it was a bust, didn't find squat. After that I saw an Off Saks 5th Avenue just accross the street, so I went in there. Bust #2. They had some cute stuff, but their prices just weren't marked down enough for me. Hey, I'm cheap, what can I say. After that, David was feeling a little better so he took me over to Fashion Valley mall (a very nice, upscale outdoor mall). We did do a little better there. David found some jeans and I found a shirt, just a simple t-shirt, but I loved it, and I got a good deal on it. I found some cute stuff for Abby at Gap kids, but then I saw the check out line and changed my mind, just wasn't in the mood for waiting, maybe I'll order it online. After the shopping, we decided to go downtown on the bay to eat some seafood. By the time we got back to the hotel, David was feeling pretty poopy again so we decided to get in the hottub again. After that we went up to the room and I guess he pulled his shirt off and I saw some red spots under his arms...yup...red spots, just a couple, but they were like small blisters, and he hadn't started feeling better, worse really. His body was getting really achy too. He felt like poo and asked my if I could go get him some Ben Gay or Icy Hot or something because his back hurt really bad and then some pain relievers. I went to a Ralphs down the street and by the time I got back to the hotel he was out. I didn't want to wake him up to give him meds if he was already sleeping comfortably.

Sunday: David still felt horrible, and the red spots were getting worse. We got packed up and decided to take advantage of our time without kids and the beautiful weather. We went over to this little island called Fiesta Island. It's just a small island that you can drive onto and around. We did that for a little while and then parked and layed in the sun for a little bit and then went for a little walk.
After that we decided to start heading home. David let me stop at Viejas (an outlet mall). I found some jeans and a shirt for each of the kids. By the time we got home Sunday evening, we determined that David had chicken pox. Yup, chicken pox. We couldn't think of anything else it might be. I immediately quarintined him to our room.

Monday: We decided to keep Ben home from school until David could get to the doctor and we could make sure of what he had and if Ben should go to school or not, we don't want to expose everyone. The kids and I had a good time. We played outside, did a little shopping, had some lunch.
The doctor confirmed our suspicions. It's chicken pox. Poor guy, I think he has just gotten worse and worse. He has pox allll over! Thank goodness he's not itchy though. He is achy and his back has been sore, and just basically feels awful. There's not alot I can do for him. I 'got' to sleep on the couch last night, just trying to keep as much of the germiness in our room as possible. I think maybe he's feeling a little tiny bit better, and hopefully were past the worst of it now. Now it's just a waiting game to see if the kids get it.

So that's what we've been up to. I'm tired. I missed my Shred on Saturday because we were out and about all day and then we were on the 2nd floor of the hotel and the Shred requires some jumping...yah, I just didn't want to do that to the people under us. So I did miss 1 day, but I did Shred on Sunday night after we got home. Level 3 is HARD! But I'm still feeling good. I'm not even gonna talk about my food, just not worth it (and hey, I was on vacation all weekend! ha! but I did NOT gain any weight!) Today I started week 3 of my 5k running. I was really really reallly not wanting to run this morning. I was grouchy and tired and I saw that I was gonna have to run for 3 whole minutes! I know that sounds pathetic, running for 3 minutes, but that's a long time when running. So not looking forward to it. But I did it! And I have to say how stinkin proud I am of myself. I kicked butt this morning!!!! I ran those 3 minute runs without stopping!!! That totally turned my day around. It put me in a good mood, I'm not feeling very tired anymore, and again, I'm sooo stinkin proud of myself!!

Well, I'm sure I've taken up enough of your time with this post (if you're even still reading) and I need to get busy cleaning this house, it looks disgusting and i feel like it just needs to be totally disinfected! Blah! See ya' later!

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