Sunday, February 22, 2009

lazy Sunday

Well, I should be doing laundry and cleaning house because we are leaving on Tuesday, but ever the procrastinator, im doing everything but what i should be! I will probably get busy after i type this, but i did just wake up from a nap so im still a little on the lethargic side.

Let's was another pretty uneventful week, we didnt do a whole lot until the end of the week and somewhat this weekend. Friday night, David helped a fellow off roading buddy take a group of his youth kids from church out to the desert. I think the had a fire and did hot dogs and stuff like that and then took the kids on rides in the desert. David likes that kind of stuff (obviously). We also had been invited to a surprise retirement/anniversary party for some friends of ours at church, the Hunts. Ben and I decided to go to that, and my inlaws went too because Marla is good friends with Mrs. Hunt. It was very nice. It was at our church, the decoration was beautiful, the food was excellent, the cake was YUMMY, and the surprises were soo fun!! They have 4 (grown boys). 3 of them live in the area (were good friends with their son Andy and his wife Sarah(and some of you know im good friends with Sarah, she used to live across the street from us and has a son named Tristan)). But, their other son is in the military and is stationed in Virginia, so obviously they dont see him as much as theyd like. Him and his youngest son flew in and added to the surprise of the party. And then towards the end of the party Andy and Sarah surprised everyone with the news of Sarahs pregnancy! We are all just sooo thrilled for them. This will be Andy's first child (even tho he considers Tristan his son). But it was so much fun to see The Hunts reaction to surprise after surprise and to see how many people love them and care for them, and how much love they still have for each other after 45 years of marriage. The counseled David and i before we got married and are a wonderful support to us, especially in the beginning. So, we had alot of fun at that.

Saturday we all kinda slept in. Halfway through the day I decided to go get a pedicure (and have a little alone time, mainly from Ben, haha) and David and Ben went out to the shop to get some stuff to trim one of the trees in our front yard. Half of this tree is almost dead, but the other part of it is still just fine. But, he needed to trim all the dead branches off. After that i made dinner, or i attempted to grill ribs (for David). Well, i didnt have enough charcoal to get them done very fast, so david went and got me some more, but it was getting late. We were invited to go to the symphony with a friend of ours and it started at 7. So, we were rushing around trying to eat the rest of dinner (the ribs would have to wait) and get at least a little cleaned up. The symphony was good. Usually its at Southwest High, but they were hosting a quiliting fair, so it was at Wilson Jr. High. Southwest has a much better auditorium for that kind of thing, and Wilson just had a gym for it. The music was still very good though. We took Ben, and i kinda had an idea he wasnt going to last because he didnt take a nap, but we thought we would try it anyways (the concert was free, so we wouldnt be losing any money). About halfway through the first half, he said he didnt like it, haha. We made him sit through the first half (maybe i shouldnt say sit, we tried to keep him as quiet as possible) and then we left at intermission. He still got a little dose of culture! I think he did like the music, he was just too tired.

We woke up and were getting ready for church this morning when David checked his phone. He had put it on silent the night before and forgot to take it off. But he had a message from some guy he knows who was off roading in the desert last night and broke something and then someone else was broken, and since David has the shop, he usually has parts too. I dont think he had the parts, but his truck has the power to pull broken stuff out! Haha, so he jetted out of here to save the day and Ben and i went on to church. David had nursery this morning, so i took his place, but hes going to have to take my place while were in Texas, so were even now. The kids were pretty good this morning. Some of them were fighting over toys and we had a couple crying outbursts, but they were pretty easy today.

Well, I guess i should go get some things done so im not running around like a crazy person tomorrow trying to pack and everything. I told my mom though that its not going to be too hard to pack this time because I only have so many outfits i can actually wear! Which is fine with me, I hate packing anyways. I think ive gotten it down to a fine art, and i think my dad is always surprised that i keep it under the 50 lb. weight limit! haha! Well, I cant wait to see everyone in Texas within the next couple weeks! I may or may not have time to update this thing, but will definitely update when i get home.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I love the smell of rain

wow, i didnt realize it had been a full week since my last post. I dont guess a whole lot has happened though. It's raining today though! I didnt even know we had a chance of rain, so i was pleasantly surprised when i started hearing the pitter patter on the roof.

Tuesday I went to Bible study. I'm enjoying it sooo much. If any of you ladies get the chance to do the Esther study, I would highly reccomend it!

Friday night we went to dinner with one of davids new friends, Sean, and his wife Lynette and their little boy Colin. It was nice. They are fairly new to the valley and dont know many people, and its always nice for us to meet people who David has something in common with and who have kids.

Saturday, Valentines Day, I was planning on cooking for my boys, but I just really didnt feel like it. David had gone to a wedding that afternoon for a coworker and Ben and I stayed home. He came home with a beautifully wrapped present and it was a very pretty cross to add to my collection. I made heart brownies for my boys and Ben and i made homemade cards for David. We all got cleaned up and decided to try beating the crowds at the restaurants and went to Johnny Carinos. We got there just after 5 and there was already a wait. We didnt end up having to wait too long, thank goodness. So we had a nice dinner, then we went and rented a movie. Not a bad Valentines in my book.

I did get quite a bit accomplished this past week/weekend by way of Abby's room and the office. We had a big desk in the office plus a small computer desk. The big one just attracted clutter, so I decided to get rid of it (it was just 2 filing cabinets under an old desk top from the shop). So, i moved the filing cabinets up against the wall next to the computer desk and we brought the big book case that was in the babies room, and put it where the big desk was. Then i moved the dresser in Abby's room to where the book case was and was then able to bring in the baby bed! Yay!! That was my big goal. I have all the furniture where i want it now, now i just need to straighten things up.

On a Benjamin note. His skin was doing horrible. It would start to get a little better and then he would go to bed and scratch it and it would make it worse. Last night we drew the line, it was just getting ridiculous. I dont really want to take him to another dermatologist, because they will just prescribe some kind of steroid cream. I had been thinking of what could be causing it. His diet? His clothes? The weather? I got some dye free scent free detergent for him, and we got him a really good humidifier. I was reading something about eczema last night and found out that some of the food triggers are milk, peanuts, fish, and SOY!!!! agghhh!!! The only thing on that list that Ben has on a consisten basis is soy. When i weaned him i weaned him on soy milk. He has at least 2 cups of it a day. So, starting today, he is no longer drinking soy milk. I really think this might help it quite a bit. So, i will keep you updated on his progress.

Well, thats all the news and happenings i have for now. Were leaving for texas in 8 days! I am sooo excited. I miss my family and cant wait to see that adorable niece of mine. And my sweet sisters have informed me that they are throwing me a baby shower while im there. I cant wait!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Our weekend was pretty uneventful, given the fact that David was gone. Saturday, Ben and I were pretty lazy. I did move some furniture around in the babies room (nothing heavy). The dresser that I have in that room is not so good. We used it when Ben was a baby and the drawers are really hard to pull in and out and they get off track easily because some of the plastic tracks stuff (dont know what its called) is missing. I looked online and couldnt find anything i liked in the price range i liked. So last night i asked david if he could fix that old dresser and then im going to sand it and paint it (it's just a plain wood, with a gloss coating and i did a black crackle on the top of it). So that will save us some money and i always like putting my own touch on stuff like that. I'll probably find some cute knobs or paint some to go with the colors in the room.

Sunday, I had nursery. We only had 4 kids and there were 3 helpers in there. It seems like every time I have nursery, (every 2nd Sunday of the month) i get the screamer. I got there a little late but was still the first helper to arrive. The nursery coordinator and another lady that was teaching across the hall were in there and there was a new little one in there just screaming his head off. I took charge and just held him and patted his little bottom. He fought me for a while and then settled down, but then he would start up for a minute or so. He continued this pattern for at least half an hour. My arms were getting extremely tired from holding him and standing and patting (he wasnt heavy, he was 2 years old, but really small). Finally he let me sit in one of the rockers and he fell asleep. He slept most of the rest of the time. Needless to say, I was tired after church. I told Ben he could rent The Incredibles movie because he kept seeing stuff about it but had never seen it. So we did that and ate some lunch and then took naps. David got home around 4:30, I was very glad for him to be home!

Ben woke up kinda early this morning, before i was ready to get up, and told me he was gonna take his pull up off and that he needed to go potty. I told him to go for it (from the comfort of my bed) and so he did! I was very proud of him. Then he came back in to tell me he finished and then said, "oh, i need to go" and off he went to the bathroom and a few seconds later said "mommy i pooped" so i told him not to flush it and i jumped up and ran in there to discover he had!!! Yay!!! I told him how proud of him i was and said he could pick out 2 prizes from his 'Potty Prize Box' (box full of little toys and candies put together by my mom and me) because he went potty all by himself. So, i think we are on the road to success! YAY!!!

The weather has been kinda weird today and this past weekend. It had been in the 90s, but on friday it cooled off some and then rained quite a bit saturday morning. It has stayed pretty cloudy through today and today its really windy, cloudy and chilly. We also had either 2 earthquakes or 1 earthquake and an aftershock this afternoon. They were fairly big too. Not to worry anyone though, none of the earthquakes ive experienced here have been big enough to do any damage, just makes stuff on the walls jiggle and you feel like your house is riding a tidal wave, I actually think its kinda cool.

Well, im done rambling for now. Hopefully this week isnt too eventful or too boring...

Friday, February 6, 2009

abby's room

this is the fabric my mom and i decided on for abby's bumper pad and some accessories. im sooo excited about it! i had kinda settled on a different pattern because i couldnt find what i was really looking for. but, the one i had decided on was discontinued, so i got a really good distributors name and went from there and found some super cute stuff. but this is just the beginning. ill post pictures when me and mom start on it. I cant wait!! this has already been so much fun. me and mom were on the phone alot today talking about patterns and fabrics and other ideas. i cant wait for feb. 24th!!!

Is it nap time yet?

I am sooo tired! I thought i would write a blog while im waiting for Bens nap time, so then i can have nap time too! Wednesday all 3 of us went to San Diego for the day. David was having some work done on his truck so i followed in my car so we could go do stuff. He had to take care of a couple other things and then we went and ate at the Souplantation. Yummm!! It is soo good, one of my favorite places to eat there. Then we went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Ben got some sand toys and played in the sand and then said he wanted to go swimming...hah! The PAcific is sooo cold! So i told him he could stick his feet in, so he did, and he liked it, but that was as far as he wanted to go. By then Davids truck was done and we wanted to miss as much of rush hour as we could so we headed out. David had to stay longer because he sold an axle to some guy. Ben and i went to Viejas (outlet mall) and got some dinner and looked around a little. Ben picked out some outfits for his baby sister at Carters. It was really sweet, and he really did pick them out on his own.
My dad ordered some clay stuff for Bens skin. He has had horrible skin issues (eczema, dry skin, sensitive) since he was only a few months old. But my dad found this stuff and sent us some. You can put some powder clay in the bathtub and soak in it. I didnt think Ben would go for it because he can be funny about getting dirty sometimes, but he loves it! And it makes his skin really soft. Im optimistic about it. We need something to work for his poor skin!
I had a doctors appt. today. I took Ben with me because he did so good last time we went and he seems truly interested in seeing the baby. He keeps telling me that we need to take the baby out of my tummy though, haha. I keep trying to explain to him that we need to let her grow. They did confirm that its a girl, So, Abigail Ellen Byrum should be joining us in the next 4 months or so. I just finished my 23rd week, so im over halfway there. Dr. Gocke said she weighs 1lb. 8oz. right now and shes about the size of an envelope. She's getting very strong too. She especially likes to kick when I lay down for a nap or for bedtime, but i still enjoy feeling her move around. I just cant wait for her to join us out here!
David is leaving for our churchs' mens retreat this afternoon. So he wont be home til probably sunday evening. I thought i might start working on the babies room. Just moving some furniture around and cleaning. We'll see how much energy/enthusiasm i have tomorrow!
Maybe i can go lay Ben down for his nap early...he better take a nap too, I'm tired. I guess thats what i get for staying up too late and having an early dr.s appt. Oh well, I think we will be fairly lazy this weekend.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, today started out good. I go to a Tuesday morning womens Bible study at my church, and we had been on break for the holidays. We started a new study today though, its the new Beth Moore study on Esther. Im really excited about it, I think its going to be a good one. Then, afterwards, we took David some lunch, and then needed to run to the grocery store. Ben was doing pretty good for me, so i didnt think much of it. We get to the store and he says he doesnt want to ride in the basket, he wants to walk. Now, that can be an ok think and it can be a bad thing. It's bad when we have to go by the toys because he will start looking at them and he will throw a fit when i tell him its time to leave. But its ok if he just walks when we dont have to go by that stuff. Today was one of those days, so i let him walk. We got everything we needed and went to check out. All of the regular lanes were packed, so we went down to the self check outs which were a little busy, but not bad. I scan all the groceries and have them bagged and ready to go when Ben decides to throw a major tantrum. I still dont really know what it was all about. I think maybe he wanted to push a button or scan something, but im not sure. So instead of making a huge scene, i just start pushing the cart outside. The whole way to the car he is crying/screaming and trying to keep me from pushing the cart. We finally got to the car, i shove the bags in and put ben in his seat and then have to wrestle him to buckle the seatbelt on his seat (let me tell you, that little boy is sooo stinkin strong its not even funny), finally get him buckled in and he continues throwing his fit allllllll the way home. Ungh!!! So, he got a nice little spanking and talking to when we got home and was promptly put down for his nap. The baby started kicking after everything was quiet, and i just said, "sorry about all that little girl, but just you wait, im sure one day you will be the one doing that" haha! Oh well, i just hope he wakes up in a better mood after his nap.

We are going to San Diego tomorrow. David is having some work done on his truck and im driving up a seperate car so we can do other stuff while he waits for his truck to get done. It should be fun, we dont go to san diego as much as we used to.

Friday is my next doctors appointment. I always like seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. I think I'll take Ben. He went with me last time and did really good, and he seemed really interested when he got to see the baby.

Last but not least, Ben and I are coming to Texas! Mom booked our flights today. We will be there Feb. 24 - Mar. 10. A good 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to it, and getting to see everyone. Well, I think i should go rest a little before Ben wakes up. Hopefully our afternoon is better than our morning.