Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Updating blog = fail! We have been staying fairly busy, even when were home i stay busy with keeping everyone fed, clothed and clean. Today was the first day ive really seen that summer is going away! My morning routine is to get Abby settled on her blanket on the floor for her morning tummy time (usually Ben has already been awake for awhile) i go into the kitchen and get the coffee going and look at my indoor/outdoor thermometer. It is a normal occurance in the summer for the outside temp to be 100 by 9 or 10 in the morning...so i was VERY excited to see that it was only 78 at 9 this morning! So, i made a decision, we were going to the park! Oh man was it nice! There was a slight breeze too, and fresh air just does wonders for a person.

Labor Day weekend we decided to try our hand at camping. One of our favorite places to go to beat the heat is Toro Peak. Its just outside of palm springs. It's always gorgeous up there and quite a bit cooler. So, we took off on friday afternoon and got up there that evening. Setting up camp with 2 kids is a bit challenging. Ben was kicking dirt everywhere(i know no one taught him to do that...i think God just makes boys to do that kind of stuff), Abby was hungry and fussy so i was feeding her, David was making a campfire and trying to set up our huge tent by himself, which he was successful at with a few grunts and groans (reminded me of similar vacations with my dad, haha!) The kids slept great both nights we were there, David and I not so much. The first night we were too cold (made sure the kids were nice and warm though) and the 2nd night our airmatress was mostly deflated, but hey, ill take sleeping bad so my kids can sleep good anytime! Saturday, Davids mom and stepdad came up and spent the day with us. We just hung out around camp and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery and then we went exploring some in the truck. We found an old car that was down in a ravine (this seems to be a regular occurance for David, finding abandoned vehicles). Sunday, we packed up camp and started down the mountain on the Sawmill trail. Its an old trail that they used to get to and from an old sawmill, pretty cool. So overall, i would say our first camping trip with both kids was a success.

Abby is 3 months old now!! She seems more like a 5 month old though, its gotta be because shes always been so big though. She loves to laugh and smile and talk to us. Shes very alert too, she likes to be held facing out or sitting in her carseat where she can see. I love her to pieces! Ben is doing alot better with her too. I dont think hes very jealous of her anymore. When she gets fussy he will go over to her and try to calm her down and then when it doesnt work he gets frustrated and starts making loud noises of his own...so then its doubly loud for me! Oh well. Im in heaven, i have my sweet boy and girl, 2 of the most beautiful children in the world! I am soo blessed!

Our trip to Texas in August was wonderful, it went by too fast though! We went to my friends beautiful wedding, went to Carlsbad Caverns, which were amazing! I would definitely recomend them to anyone. Of course we did some shopping, went to a baseball game, and best of all just spent time hanging out. Mom got me into cross stiching, which i love! It lets me unwind at the end of the day, and i just love creating something and i can make some really fun gifts! Mom and dad are coming to visit us in the middle of october and i cant wait! I almost told Ben today that they were coming, but decided against it because in the past when ive done that, he has bugged me and bugged me about when theyre coming or when were going and then he gets extremely hyper the day before or of and wont sleep or anything, so, im just going to keep it a surprise for him!

I dont think i have much other news, or at least nothing super exciting. I should probably go take a nap now while both kids are taking their naps...even though i have tons of laundry that needs to be done and a kitchen that needs to be cleaned...im pretty sure my bed is calling my name louder!