Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm feeling encouraged in my own discouraging (does that make sense??) I read a couple different blogs written by other ladies that are on their own weight loss journey, some who have hit their goal weights (and lost over 100 lbs. doing it!) and others who are still working on it. But it seems I'm not the only one that's gotten in a rut. I've read at least 3 of them that are motivated once again to jump back on the wagon and get their rears in gear! So it's encouraging to hear I'm not alone. Anyways, I've been doing ok at the excercise thing but AWFUL at the eating thing. I've been running once a week and mixing up workouts at home with a couple different things I like. But, like I said, have been not eating good (as of last week) I got on the scale on Monday and wanted to cry! It said I had gained 5 lbs! Not cool because that number was just too high and close to where I don't want to be. It was enough of a kick in the butt to get me in gear. I've been eating cleaner and avoiding the snacks and sweets. I tend to get obsessive about getting on the scale when I'm "dieting" and excercising alot and I just get even more discouraged sometimes, but I did weigh myself on Tuesday and I was already down like 2 lbs which just reminded me that my body fluctuates 2 or more lbs easily in a day depending on water retention etc. I do feel better eating cleaner and exercising like my body wants. Just frustrating that I can't just stick to it consistently and get the rest of this baby (does it still count as baby weight 7 and 3 years later??) weight off. I'm not giving up though!

Enough about that are some pictures from my phone, enjoy!

Does she have modeling in her future?? She sure knows how to work it!

So stinkin' cute how she was snoozin' in the car with her legs crossed!

We've had some good rain lately and this is what we found in the desert one day, soo crazy to see all this water where it's usually just sand, so beautiful!

Had to take a picture of the rare rain we get, right after this picture it started pouring sooo hard! Love it!

We've been nail painting fools lately! Abby always wants something different on her nails and toes, I let her pick out her colors which is always more than 2, fun stuff! Now if I could just get her to hold still!

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