Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm baackkk! Sorry for the absence! I've had this particular post saved as a draft for awhile now, just never got around to actually editing and posting. David and I went to San Diego for a weekend with no kids to help celebrate a friends wedding. It was beautiful! The actual ceremony was at Point Loma overlooking the ocean (amazing!) and the reception (which I failed to get any pictures of) was at Balboa Park, very fun and cool. It was a nice weekend, but wayyyy too much driving for these country folk. So here are the few pictures we actually took and then a couple more....

This was where the ceremony was, it was cloudy the day of the wedding, but the day before at the rehearsal it was sunny and beautiful. Honestly kinda glad it was cloudy during the ceremony because when the sun was out the day before, it was just hot!

Me and my handsome man before the wedding...

Us with the groom (Daniel) after the wedding. And just as a side note, I was extremely disapointed with my hair that day. It was nice and full and curly before the wedding and after the wedding my curls had fallen and it was nice and flat (my bad because I forgot my hairspray and when I tried to get a small bottle of it before the wedding, dumb me accidentally got mousse, fail!)

On our way home on Sunday we took a detour with Justin (David's cousin) and his girl Bri. We went to Temecula and had lunch at Rosas! Yumm!!! And then we went and did a little hiking (which I didn't get any pics of).

This one is just kinda random. I made these quinoa patties, they turned out really good! HERE is the recipe for those (that I found on Pinterest!)

Ben and Abby got a couple sheets of stickers from their Grandma and this is how they used them...silly kids

And this is how we spent our family night...we went shooting. Ben got to shoot this little rifle and loved it (just like me!) It's really fun to shoot!

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