Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meh, so sometimes I'm good at blogging and lots of times I'm not, oh well! We've been busy!! School is in full swing, I'm the craft teacher at church on Sundays for this month and I'm the yearbook supervisor at the school and we started meetings this month (well I tried to anyways, 2 of the girls had doctors appointments so I let the other one go home and they hadn't opened it up to the 6th graders yet, so hopefully all this will come together and I will actually have a class this week!) But anyways, I'm just going to share some pictures from our Labor Day camping trip. It was pretty good, the weather was beautiful, the places were beautiful, the kids were kinda annoying....yeah, but here are some pics from our trip...

This is where we hung out most of Sunday and part of Monday. It was in the middle of a trail that cuts through the mountains. It was sooo beautiful up there! The water was pretty cold but the kids didn't care!

We saw lots of of the good pics of the squirrels

And, my most exciting moment! I saw these guys on the outskirts of our campground and I got to sneak up close enough to them to get these good pics!

My handsome cowboy

We found a pair of pair of great horned owls. They were kinda funny, they kept shaking their heads at us the closer we got and then of course, as soon as we got too close they would fly farther up the mountain

We found this rabbit next and I'm pretty sure he thought we couldn't see him. He did blend in really well and he was being super still, but once again, when David got too close, he ran!

My boys watching the jackrabbit run after chasing it for a bit

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