Monday, July 9, 2012

So, Ben had an amazing 7th birthday! He was sooo surprised! He knew we were going to go to Legoland at some point, but he didn't know that's where we were going on Saturday, he just thought we were going to San Diego to hang out. Here are the pictures that I did take, they didn't load in order and I don't feel like going back and fixing it...

This was actually as we were leaving the park, when we got there, there were just too many people around to get a decent picture of the kids in front of the entrance.

Ben at Dino Island. The kids are soo funny, they kept asking if they could go and touch everything made of legos...I thought all Legos felt the same. Also, Ben and I rode a roller coaster in Dino Island, it was soo fun! It wasn't super crazy or anything, but Ben was soo fun! He wanted to put his little arms in the air and then we would start to lean to the side and I couldn't help but grab onto him to make sure he wouldn't fall out, haha! We laughed the whole time, loved it!

These guys were outside the park as your walking up (there was a mom and baby on the other side) but at first glance they totally looked like real people, very cool!

This was one of our first stops. You could go in and build a little lego car and then race them down some ramps. The kids both built their own, Abby's was too short so it just went a little ways and then turned sideways and stopped. Ben's actually went all the way down, he did good. David decided to try his hand at it and built a good one, it went all the way down and pretty quickly. It was fun!

She was pooped! She passed out as we were walking to the car at the end of the day (right after we took that picture at the entrance)

Abby getting her drivers licese...she definitely needs a lesson on turning...she totally didn't get it, but she still had fun and they still gave her her license.

Ben getting his drivers licese. He did really good! They had stop lights, stop signs, had to drive on the right side of the road etc. He took it very seriously and earned his drivers licese!

This was cute, there were different instruments in the water and you could step on these censors on the ground in front of them to make them play music.

This was Abby touching that dinosaur

Abby and Wendy from Bob the Builder

Ben and Bob

Abby at the car building place

I thought this was too funny. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, so I don't know all of the characters, but I think I know the main ones. Well, they had a mini Star Wars land and at the end they have a bunch of these characters along the walk way. I figured the kids would want a picture with one of the more popular characters (like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or something) but no, they chose this guy, Boba Fett, who I have no idea who this is (sorry Star Wars fans). Just thought it was funny who they chose to take a picture with.

And this is my birthday boy building with the legos. He had sooo much fun and was very surprised! Happy birthday sweet boy!

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  1. Not surprised at all that Ben took the driving seriously!! So glad it was a fun day; wonderful memories were made!!
    Love, Mom