Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I need to do laundry and clean house but I am sooooooo tired!!! I actually can't do laundry right now either (seriously!) A pipe broke under our house and they're fixing it right now. I really do need to do laundry, Ben has like 1 pair of clean pants and David needs socks, hopefully they will get it fixed today. Seems like we've been on a movie kick lately. We went as a family to see Brave on Sunday...not such a good idea. It was an okay movie, but man, it got intense! There are some big bears in it, fighting, growling bears, and on a huge screen. I had both kids faces buried in me a couple times and they were half crying...yah...a little much for kids. Also, our theatre is doing a summer movie thing where on Tuesdays they show oldish kids movies for $1. This week it was Kung Foo Panda 2. I guess I had never seen that one, Ben had, I dunno how, but it was actually pretty good (and didn't scare the kids!) So that was fun. Ben has been doing swim lessons with a friend of ours and is like a fish! I'm soo proud of him, he has picked it up really quickly. Our church started VBS last night also. I never really got assigned to any particular job, so last night I sold the remaining t-shirts they had (sold out of those) and then kinda roamed around until I made my way to the game/snack room and ended up staying there the whole night and will probably go back there the rest of the week. I have also succumbed (sp?) to Instagram and have to say I love it, makes the quality of my phone pics soo much better (I think). Abby was having bad dreams or something last night (the cause of me being sooo tired today) and at one point David put her in bed with me and I couldn't resist taking this picture of this little angel sleeping...

My latest food obsession! 1 serving of plain oatmeal, 1/2 - 1 banana, sliced strawberries, honey, slivered almonds and a little unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Yumm!! So good and filling. I calculated it to be around 300 - 350 calories (depending on if you use the whole banana, almonds and how much milk you use).

There's a wall at church decorated for VBS that has a bunch of hot air balloons all over it, and I didn't notice that the kids in the balloons were actual pictures of people from church. Someone asked me if I saw Abby in the hot air balloon and I was soo confused...until I saw this...

First night of VBS, they were soo excited!

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  1. VBS used to kick my hiney too!!! We would go to the pool, eat lunch and go home and sleep all afternoon!!! The t-shirts are so cute! Just a few more weeks til we see yall in Texas!!
    Love, Mom