Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So, a little later than I had planned, but here are some pictures from the last day of school and such...I'll be back within the next day or two to tell you about my projects and plans for this summer...

Ben at his end of year awards ceremony, he got his certificate for completing kindergarten (and may I brag for a second and say that he was the only one in his class to get 100% on his final test! proud mama moment) and he got an award for high GPA! So proud of him and how well he did in his first year of school, very little complaining about having to go, didn't get into too much trouble, and made good grades!

Just a cute one of Ben and Abby with their hats and shades on the way to church...

I made these for Ben's teachers, thought they were just perfect for the end of the year (found this idea on Pinterest (duh) HERE)

And because Pinterest makes me an overachiever (hah) I made these for Ben's class mates, too cute! Found this idea with template HERE!

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  1. I love your gifts !! Even if you give Pinterest credit, you still made them and are precious!! Love my baby doll, Mom