Thursday, July 5, 2012

So I am literally on my elliptical exercising while I write this, technology is kinda cool, frustrating at times, but cool.

We've been a tad busy to say the least. Last week was VBS and it was tiring but I just love it! I love the kids, decoration, smiles and especially all those light bulbs that go off in those little minds as they learn about their maker! Love it!! This past weekend I got a teeny tiny bit of my sewing done. I made 2 shams to go with my new quilt for my bed (picture below is the front side of shams in mustard chevron stripes, back side is the robins egg blue floral and the rest is the actual quilt). I have more fabric to make some more throw pillows and I'm gonna try my hand at making a bed skirt...but I gotta scrounge up some motivation for all that.

Yesterday was the 4th and we just hung around the house. I made my flag cake (that I failed to take a picture of!) and a taco salad to take to our friends BBQ. We swam and hung out with friends and then went to the firework show. Oh, and I painted Abby's nails all patriotic, I love having a girly girl!

Well, I'm sweating pretty hard now so I'm gonna concentrate on not falling off of this here elliptical. We've got lots more coming up so I'll talk at you soon!

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  1. Love the shams! Can't wait to see in person in less than 2 weeks!! Hope Abby will let me paint her nails, or better yet, we'll take her and Annie for a pedi and mani!!! Have a blast tomorrow, Love, Mom