Friday, May 4, 2012

Today is just going to be a picture day. Not much going on. I finished 2 weeks of the hormone diet and lost 7 lbs. Not bad, had kinda hoped for 10, but I'll take 7. I had to take a break though. I felt like I was starving!! But that was mainly my fault. With this diet you pretty much have to cook, or prepare beforehand so you can just grab and eat, but I didn't ever do that and towards the end of the 2 weeks I just really didn't feel like cooking so I just snacked on fruit and almonds, not the most filling or satisfying things. I decided to take a break for the weekend and then start another 2 weeks on Monday. I'm going to eat healthy all day and maybe splurge on one meal a day throughout the weekend. I have to start exercising again! I was going to start running this week but my jogging stroller has a flat and I need to figure out what I need to do to fix it. So, here's some pictures for now. Have a good weekend!

Ben lost his 2nd tooth, pulled it by himself!

So, I found this idea on Pinterest, fingerpainting in a bag. I thought, perfect, no mess and should keep them busy for a bit. Wrong, my children amaze me sometimes. The started scratching them with their fingernails and made holes in the bags which of course made paint come out...that craft lasted about 10 minutes...

Me and my girl hanging out after the one time I did exercise this week...

Abby LOVES her new owl "pack pack" her Grammy sent her, it's super cute!

And, Ben was being creative after reading an article in his lego magazine. This is his version of basketball using the legos he had. I love that kid!

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