Monday, May 7, 2012

Time is flying! How is it May already?? That means Ben is almost done with his first year of school, summer vacation is almost here, Abby is going to turn 3! Ben is going to turn 7! Good grief! My parents always said how fast time flies when they were raising us kids, and now I know exactly what they were talking about. I love this life though, time flying craziness and all! This weekend was good though. We always get those blow up pools for the summer so the kids can swim, but I was at Wal-Mart the other day and they had a smaller framed pool set up in the kids section and i decided I wanted it! It was only $100 and plenty big that David and I could easily swim with both kids. I didn't really think it would happen/or he would go with it, but he said I could get it! We didn't want to kill a big patch of grass in the yard, but we have a side yard where the camping trailer was parked, so David played "musical trailers" as he called it, and then we had to clean up some weeds and stuff and then we set up the pool. Too cold for us to swim in that first night, but it didn't stop the kids. I did get in for a little bit yesterday and it was very nice!

Anyways, like I said the other day, I decided to take a break from the major dieting this weekend and boy did I take a break on Friday! Yikes! The rest of the weekend I did better though and wasn't too dissapointed by just a 1 lb. weight gain this morning. Back to healthy eating today, except for dinner, we're having a friend over and I'm gonna have to eat some BBQ so I don't make everyone feel bad for not eating healthy ;-)

I have something that I'm very proud of that I'm going to post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow or the next day...I'll explain later! Have a wonderful day!!

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