Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! (a day late!) I had a wonderful and somewhat hectic day yesterday. I'm the craft teacher for the kiddies at church through June. I had them make mothers day gifts a couple weeks ago (trying to be on top of things) and it kinda backfired. It seemed that about half the kids that were actually there to make the craft a few weeks ago weren't there this week and the other half were kids that weren't there when we made them. So, my helpers and I (thank goodness for those amazing teens that stepped up and helped me!!) were running around like crazy people making more crafts, helping with the craft the kids were actually working on yesterday and everything else that comes with that many kids. We had over 60 kids (split into 3 classes) which was quite a bit more than I've had lately. I LOVE doing crafts with them, I LOVE each and every one of those kids (even the ones that I have to keep an eye on the WHOLE time!) they are just precious! But whew! I was sooo relieved when it was all over! We were fed a good lunch of carne asada by some of my mother in laws friends and then we swam and had frozen yogurt! A wonderful day all in all. I have to say, I am such a blessed Mama! Growing up, all I ever really wanted to be was a mom and wife, and God has totally answered my dreams/heart/desire. Yes, some days I just don't feel like being a Mommy (it only lasts a little while, usually just a few minutes when one of my precious loving children comes up to me and tells me they love me. I love how being a mom makes me so much more thankful for my mom! Knowing the things us kids put her through (double time, because there were 4 of us, not just 2) and I realize how incredibly blessed I am by my Mom. I love her to death!

Me and my kiddies yesterday after church...

Next up...I started this project awhile ago, had been planning on doing it for a really long time (found it on Pinterest) and finally finished it Saturday night because I wanted to wear it on Sunday. I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and it's super comfy! I have the stuff to make a maxi dress as well. The only change I need to make is sewing on the sash, it kept slipping up and down and kinda drove me nuts yesterday, but that's easy enough. The tutorial I found for this dress is HERE, and here is a pic of me trying it on.

And finally, I FINALLY started working out again this morning. I knew I needed to, my body was craving it! I was so tired and sluggish, and I know it's because it wasn't getting the exercise it needed. I pretty much failed at the running thing. I never got my tire fixed on my jogging stroller (I will eventually) and now it's starting to get hot, I hate running in the heat. I decided to do the exercises found in the Hormone Diet book and add in a day of cardio on my elliptical and a day of yoga (I don't really like doing regular yoga, too much meditating on the earth and all that stuff, doesn't go with my belief that God is the maker of all and He is the one we should be meditating on and worshiping) so I did a search for a Christian yoga recently and found a couple, I just need to order one. I want to do yoga just to loosen up, get more flexible, I've just felt kinda stiff and tight lately. And besides working out, I'm just going to keep eating clean, lots of fruits and vegis, lean meats, no sugar, lots of water etc.

Time to go fold laundry and straighten up the casa!

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