Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sorry I've been MIA the past week or so! We have/are busy! I'll start at the beginning!

Last Wednesday was our last night of Awanas at church until the fall. We had a little pizza party for the kids and they got their awards for finishing books and just doing a good job. I had a proud mama moment when Ben got an award for good sportsmanship from the game director, I was very proud of my precious boy! I have LOVED helping with Awanas this past year. It's such a joy to watch/help the kids learn God's word, not just memorize it, but to help them truly understand and grasp it. They all just have the sweetest hearts.

Friday was the beginning of our Memorial Day weekend. We had planned to go camping up at Toro Peak (Santa Rosa Mountains?). We've gone up there several times and thought we knew what to expect...yeah...Well, we got up there late Friday night and by the time we got up to the campground on top of the mountain it was nice and windy and about 29 degrees...yup. We decided to sleep in the car, too windy and cold to try and set up a tent. We put the back seats down in the car and that's where me and the hubs slept and leaned the 2 front seats back and that's where the kids slept. We actually did pretty good. The kids slept through the night, David and I didn't sleep super great but that was because of the wind. The next morning we woke up to 20 degrees and a nice ice storm had transformed the mountains. It was truly beautiful! The trees and plants were covered in ice. We drove around for awhile looking at the beauty, but decided we didn't want to try camping that night, or sleeping in the car again, so we headed down to Desert Hot Springs. We found a canyon out in the middle of nowhere and just hung out, the boys shot a little, we BBQed and enjoyed the warmer weather. It was a little windy down there too so we decided to come home Saturday night. We didn't want our weekend to end Saturday night so we decided to get up Sunday morning and head out to the desert closer to home. We hung out again, cooked out and just enjoyed the not too hot weather. So, our camping didn't go quite as planned, but it was still a good weekend.

I wish I had pictures from yesterdays adventure, but none of us had a waterproof camera, next time! The yearbook club from Calvary Chapel Christian School (Ben's school and the yearbook club I helped with), we took our "fieldtrip". We decided to go to La Jolla and go on a kayaking tour, hang out around the beach, do a little shopping/browsing and just hang out. The kayaking trip was so fun! I want to do it again and take my husband. We went in two's. I was with Andrea and after we go past the waves and started rowing to catch up with the group....we flipped over....yup, we're good like that! Two guys rowed over and flipped our kayak over and then one of the tour guides came over and told me how to get back in and all that. Well, as soon as I got back in the kayak, I looked over and saw I think 3 dolphins swimming towards us! Soooo stinkin cool!! I mean, I've seen dolphins before, but not that close or in open water like that, I felt like I was swimming with them! Haha! But it was just very cool. We got to go in a cave and see a bunch of sea lions also. It was alot of fun! I would recommend it to anyone that's willing to do a little work (that rowing ain't super easy). It was fun just us girls, no kids!

So, that's been our busy past week. Tonight is date night, tomorrow is Ben's school play, Friday is a swim party and on and on until school is out next Thursday. I'm tired just thinking about it!

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  1. I loved the kayaking story, especially the way we giggled about it on the phone yesterday!!! I wish I could have seen you getting back in after it overturned! Glad you're okay and glad you got to see the dolphins!!
    Love, Mom