Monday, May 21, 2012

I don't feel like I have much to post, but just felt like posting something. We've been busy! Or at least it seems like it. Between school, regular errands and chores around the house, we have date night weekly, Awanas every week and it seems like something different happens most thursdays and/or fridays (kids come over, friends/family come over for dinner, etc.) I like staying busy, but them sometimes when I have down time I wonder where the past week went?! We've got some fun things coming up though, several birthdays, some little trips planned, fun ideas for this summer that I need to put into motion. I am looking forward to school being out for the summer, but as I told my husband today, I know I'm going to have to have things for the kids to do (regular chores, crafts, small trips and outings around town, play dates, etc.) or they will just sit around bored and most likely fight alot! Don't get me wrong, they love each other and play really well together, but when either of them gets bored, tired or hungry, it's all over! They can be sooo mean! Yikes! But, I do have some really fun ideas for them this summer, I'll post about them as we do them.

I have been exercising! I did all 3 days of the workout from my Hormone Diet book and then I added in 2 days of yoga. I had planned on doing 1 day of cardio on Friday, but Ben had a talent show and pizza party at school, so I just did a quick yoga (not as much sweat as cardio). I have to say, I'm loving the yoga. It's just soo refreshing. I love the stretching and strengthening. I do want to order a Christian version though. My eating habits have been hit and miss. I do pretty good most of the time, but others times I feel like I blow it big time. I was expecting much worse on the scale this morning, but was pleasantly surprised when I hadn't gained anything! Not good like a loss, but at least I didn't gain! I do need to get back on track with the consistently healthy eating choices, may have to wait a little while. Like I said, we have several birthdays and end of school year parties and such where there will be lots of not so healthy eating that I would like to enjoy (in moderation!)

It's hot! Summer is here! 110 on the thermometer in my car a little while ago. I think it's time to go swim!

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