Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This will be a very random post, but I had some pictures I wanted to share from the past couple weeks. Starting with this one...

Abbers with her 'chicken pops'...not bad!

Finally in Texas! Hangin' out in the backyard.

So, I finally got a shellac manicure. I have to say I'm very impressed! This is a couple days after I got it done and even now, over a week since I've had it done, they look really good. Might have to do this more often.

The girls with their pigtails. They are soo cute together! Wish we lived closer :-(

Me and my girl taking a break from baking for our Easter Soiree

Exciting times! Ben finally lost his first tooth! He even pulled it himself (even if it was hanging by a thread!)

They had a butterfly release at my brothers church on Easter Sunday, very cool and the kids loved it!

And really random, but I gave Ben a haircut this afternoon, yes, ME! I thought it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, and saved a couple bucks in the process!

Sorry for the horrible quality, I think all of them were taken with my iPhone, I dunno why I don't pull out my good camera more, that will be a goal, to use my good camera more often.

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  1. Love the pictures and comments!! Sure miss y'all!!