Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whew! I'm glad this week is almost over! I usually don't stay this busy, but I have been on the go. I've been helping with the yearbook class at Ben's school and have been busy with that, church, dr's appointments and other errands that needed to be done. I HAVE been doing my 30 Day Shred though! Day 1 I had trouble keeping up, just did not have the endurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrance, but I wasn't very sore at all the next day. Day 2 I had a little more endurance and was able to keep up better but my arms got sore (which I don't mind! Means I'm working em'). After day 3 my calves were super sore! Today I completed day 4 and I'm kinda surprised at how quickly my body has adjusted already. I have more endurance, I can finish each set withought having to stop and take a rest. I'm not saying it's gotten easier (you should see the sweat that pours off of me) but it has gotten easier to keep up.

Food wise, I've been pretty consistent in tracking my calories, today not so much because I was super busy and am just now sitting down, but I know I still did well. It's easy to make smart choices when you have smart options in your fridge. I stocked up on a variety of fruits (apples, oranges, peaches, bananas) and lots of veggies. I was telling my mom on the phone today that we have started keeping ONLY water in the house to drink (excluding cows milk and almond milk). If you know how we have been, then you know what a milestone that is. I think ever since David and I have been married (7 years) we have kept soda, sweet tea, sweetened green tea, juice, etc. in the fridge at all times. I've always been a big water drinker, but the kids and David not so much. My dad installed this RO water unit (reverse osmosis) in our sink awhile back and it just makes the water taste sooo fresh and you know it's good for you. I suggest these units to everyone! They cost about $150 at Lowes(or at least for the one we got) for the starter kit and you only have to change the filters every several months (mine seem like they last forever!) and then you have to change the membrane once a year. We don't waste money on bottled water anymore, we just fill up from our sink and again, we KNOW we are getting good water. Anyways, I'm very pleased that the only drink option we have in our home is water and so it makes everyone have to drink water (or I guess just be thirsty!)

Well, time to get the kids bathed and in bed. Talk to y'all soon!

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