Monday, February 27, 2012

Well, I started my Couch to 5k running today....I honestly thought it would be alot easier. You start with a 5 minute warm up of walking and then you alternate running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 for 20 minutes. It totally kicked my butt. The last running interval I had to walk. I'm not gonna give up thought! I know I can do this. I also did my 30 day shred today after I ran (you may think I'm crazy again, but the running is only 3 days a week). So I figured the shred would be fairly easy today. I'm still on level 1, but it totally kicked my butt today too! What's the deal?!?! I pushed through it but I did have to rest a couple times. Oh well, I'm not giving up on that either (by the way I've completed my first full week, I didn't even skip it on Sunday!) I've found that I'm keeping myself busy with exercising, kid duties, errands, things being done around the house, etc, that I don't have much time to blow my calorie count, I just don't have the time! Which is perfectly fine with me! I did get on the scale today and I only lost 2 lbs. which would usually be discouraging to me, but I'm telling myself that I'm building muscle. That's another thing, I didn't set a weight goal for myself. I know that I want to lose at least 20 lbs. but mainly I just want to drop sizes, and if I can do that by gaining muscle and losing fat, then I'm all for it! But most importantly, I want to be healthy and have energy! I did have pizza last night with my family, and I honestly probably overdid it, but I really didn't feel guilty about it, which is very unusual when I eat something like that. I think I didn't feel guilty about eating it because I knew I had done pretty good the rest of the day and I've been workin' my booty off with exercise. i know I can't justify like that all the time thought, and I don't plan on it! I know it's early, but I bought an Easter dress a couple weeks ago because I loved it and I got a killer deal on it! But, I got it a size smaller than I thought I needed. Well, I decided to try it on the other night and it fit like a glove! I was surprised, and a little dissapointed because now I don't really have to work at getting into it. But now, I want it to be too big so I can take it in and have it fit like a glove! I feel like I'm pretty vague as far as my weight, size and goal, but that's mainly because I'm not quite confident enough to post all that stuff for the world to see. I did take before pics (as I probably already mentioned)and I really want to post them, but I need to have some good progress to compare them to, so when I get there, I will share. So, those are my goals for now. What are your goals?

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