Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just finished my workout, day 6! I was honestly kinda worried about getting my workout in on the weekend since everyone is usually home. But I took care of that! David left to go hang out with a friend and I sent the kids to their rooms to clean them (ha!)

I found a recipe on Pinterest for these Banana Oatmeal Cups that looked like something my whole family would like. David is always wanting something easy he can grab for breakfast that will keep him full until lunch, I want something healthy for Ben that won't mess with his allergies, something dairy free for Abby, and something healthy and low calorie for me. These cups worked for everyone! The recipe calls for mini chocolate chips but I substituted raisins instead. You could easily use apples, blueberries, orange zest, cranberries, strawberries...anything! They were super easy to make and really good! Not too sweet, not bland, very moist on the inside, and only 115 calories each!

Well, sounds like I need to go "encourage" the kiddos to finish cleaning so we can enjoy this beautiful Cali weather. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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