Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feelin' Good

So, I've completed day 2 of the shred! I thought i would be way more sore, but I'm not too bad! But man, that is a WORKOUT! Jillian has no mercy, but I'm sure that's how the results are found. I haven't started the running yet, I thought I would give myself this week to get used to the shred workout. I'm loving that I'm not sitting around craving bad for me food. I think I'm just in the 'zone' where I'm determined to lose this weight and nothing else matters. I do believe that you have to be 100% determined to lose weight/get in shape before you start, otherwise, you're probably just going to give up. In the past I have started diets or exercise half heartedly and gave up fairly quickly. I finally got totally disgusted with my eating habits and the fit of my clothes and just how I felt internally to actually take charge and do something about it. And once again, I'm excited about it!

On another note, both of my babies are sick. Ben is feeling better so he went on to school today, but Abby is sniffling and coughing. We've got a busy week ahead, so I hope this sickiness doesn't get any worse! Speaking of being busy, I have to keep telling myself that no matter how "busy" I am, I can always carve out 30 minutes to exercise, even if I have to get up before everyone else to get it done. I'm making it a priority. I'll try to start posting more pictures (of what I'm not sure, probably just randomness). Hope y'all have a good day! I'll leave you with a picture from Christmas in Texas that I finally downloaded. We went to the Ice show at the Gaylord, sooo much fun!

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