Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, today started out good. I go to a Tuesday morning womens Bible study at my church, and we had been on break for the holidays. We started a new study today though, its the new Beth Moore study on Esther. Im really excited about it, I think its going to be a good one. Then, afterwards, we took David some lunch, and then needed to run to the grocery store. Ben was doing pretty good for me, so i didnt think much of it. We get to the store and he says he doesnt want to ride in the basket, he wants to walk. Now, that can be an ok think and it can be a bad thing. It's bad when we have to go by the toys because he will start looking at them and he will throw a fit when i tell him its time to leave. But its ok if he just walks when we dont have to go by that stuff. Today was one of those days, so i let him walk. We got everything we needed and went to check out. All of the regular lanes were packed, so we went down to the self check outs which were a little busy, but not bad. I scan all the groceries and have them bagged and ready to go when Ben decides to throw a major tantrum. I still dont really know what it was all about. I think maybe he wanted to push a button or scan something, but im not sure. So instead of making a huge scene, i just start pushing the cart outside. The whole way to the car he is crying/screaming and trying to keep me from pushing the cart. We finally got to the car, i shove the bags in and put ben in his seat and then have to wrestle him to buckle the seatbelt on his seat (let me tell you, that little boy is sooo stinkin strong its not even funny), finally get him buckled in and he continues throwing his fit allllllll the way home. Ungh!!! So, he got a nice little spanking and talking to when we got home and was promptly put down for his nap. The baby started kicking after everything was quiet, and i just said, "sorry about all that little girl, but just you wait, im sure one day you will be the one doing that" haha! Oh well, i just hope he wakes up in a better mood after his nap.

We are going to San Diego tomorrow. David is having some work done on his truck and im driving up a seperate car so we can do other stuff while he waits for his truck to get done. It should be fun, we dont go to san diego as much as we used to.

Friday is my next doctors appointment. I always like seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. I think I'll take Ben. He went with me last time and did really good, and he seemed really interested when he got to see the baby.

Last but not least, Ben and I are coming to Texas! Mom booked our flights today. We will be there Feb. 24 - Mar. 10. A good 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to it, and getting to see everyone. Well, I think i should go rest a little before Ben wakes up. Hopefully our afternoon is better than our morning.

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