Monday, February 16, 2009

I love the smell of rain

wow, i didnt realize it had been a full week since my last post. I dont guess a whole lot has happened though. It's raining today though! I didnt even know we had a chance of rain, so i was pleasantly surprised when i started hearing the pitter patter on the roof.

Tuesday I went to Bible study. I'm enjoying it sooo much. If any of you ladies get the chance to do the Esther study, I would highly reccomend it!

Friday night we went to dinner with one of davids new friends, Sean, and his wife Lynette and their little boy Colin. It was nice. They are fairly new to the valley and dont know many people, and its always nice for us to meet people who David has something in common with and who have kids.

Saturday, Valentines Day, I was planning on cooking for my boys, but I just really didnt feel like it. David had gone to a wedding that afternoon for a coworker and Ben and I stayed home. He came home with a beautifully wrapped present and it was a very pretty cross to add to my collection. I made heart brownies for my boys and Ben and i made homemade cards for David. We all got cleaned up and decided to try beating the crowds at the restaurants and went to Johnny Carinos. We got there just after 5 and there was already a wait. We didnt end up having to wait too long, thank goodness. So we had a nice dinner, then we went and rented a movie. Not a bad Valentines in my book.

I did get quite a bit accomplished this past week/weekend by way of Abby's room and the office. We had a big desk in the office plus a small computer desk. The big one just attracted clutter, so I decided to get rid of it (it was just 2 filing cabinets under an old desk top from the shop). So, i moved the filing cabinets up against the wall next to the computer desk and we brought the big book case that was in the babies room, and put it where the big desk was. Then i moved the dresser in Abby's room to where the book case was and was then able to bring in the baby bed! Yay!! That was my big goal. I have all the furniture where i want it now, now i just need to straighten things up.

On a Benjamin note. His skin was doing horrible. It would start to get a little better and then he would go to bed and scratch it and it would make it worse. Last night we drew the line, it was just getting ridiculous. I dont really want to take him to another dermatologist, because they will just prescribe some kind of steroid cream. I had been thinking of what could be causing it. His diet? His clothes? The weather? I got some dye free scent free detergent for him, and we got him a really good humidifier. I was reading something about eczema last night and found out that some of the food triggers are milk, peanuts, fish, and SOY!!!! agghhh!!! The only thing on that list that Ben has on a consisten basis is soy. When i weaned him i weaned him on soy milk. He has at least 2 cups of it a day. So, starting today, he is no longer drinking soy milk. I really think this might help it quite a bit. So, i will keep you updated on his progress.

Well, thats all the news and happenings i have for now. Were leaving for texas in 8 days! I am sooo excited. I miss my family and cant wait to see that adorable niece of mine. And my sweet sisters have informed me that they are throwing me a baby shower while im there. I cant wait!

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