Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it nap time yet?

I am sooo tired! I thought i would write a blog while im waiting for Bens nap time, so then i can have nap time too! Wednesday all 3 of us went to San Diego for the day. David was having some work done on his truck so i followed in my car so we could go do stuff. He had to take care of a couple other things and then we went and ate at the Souplantation. Yummm!! It is soo good, one of my favorite places to eat there. Then we went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Ben got some sand toys and played in the sand and then said he wanted to go swimming...hah! The PAcific is sooo cold! So i told him he could stick his feet in, so he did, and he liked it, but that was as far as he wanted to go. By then Davids truck was done and we wanted to miss as much of rush hour as we could so we headed out. David had to stay longer because he sold an axle to some guy. Ben and i went to Viejas (outlet mall) and got some dinner and looked around a little. Ben picked out some outfits for his baby sister at Carters. It was really sweet, and he really did pick them out on his own.
My dad ordered some clay stuff for Bens skin. He has had horrible skin issues (eczema, dry skin, sensitive) since he was only a few months old. But my dad found this stuff and sent us some. You can put some powder clay in the bathtub and soak in it. I didnt think Ben would go for it because he can be funny about getting dirty sometimes, but he loves it! And it makes his skin really soft. Im optimistic about it. We need something to work for his poor skin!
I had a doctors appt. today. I took Ben with me because he did so good last time we went and he seems truly interested in seeing the baby. He keeps telling me that we need to take the baby out of my tummy though, haha. I keep trying to explain to him that we need to let her grow. They did confirm that its a girl, So, Abigail Ellen Byrum should be joining us in the next 4 months or so. I just finished my 23rd week, so im over halfway there. Dr. Gocke said she weighs 1lb. 8oz. right now and shes about the size of an envelope. She's getting very strong too. She especially likes to kick when I lay down for a nap or for bedtime, but i still enjoy feeling her move around. I just cant wait for her to join us out here!
David is leaving for our churchs' mens retreat this afternoon. So he wont be home til probably sunday evening. I thought i might start working on the babies room. Just moving some furniture around and cleaning. We'll see how much energy/enthusiasm i have tomorrow!
Maybe i can go lay Ben down for his nap early...he better take a nap too, I'm tired. I guess thats what i get for staying up too late and having an early dr.s appt. Oh well, I think we will be fairly lazy this weekend.

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