Monday, February 9, 2009


Our weekend was pretty uneventful, given the fact that David was gone. Saturday, Ben and I were pretty lazy. I did move some furniture around in the babies room (nothing heavy). The dresser that I have in that room is not so good. We used it when Ben was a baby and the drawers are really hard to pull in and out and they get off track easily because some of the plastic tracks stuff (dont know what its called) is missing. I looked online and couldnt find anything i liked in the price range i liked. So last night i asked david if he could fix that old dresser and then im going to sand it and paint it (it's just a plain wood, with a gloss coating and i did a black crackle on the top of it). So that will save us some money and i always like putting my own touch on stuff like that. I'll probably find some cute knobs or paint some to go with the colors in the room.

Sunday, I had nursery. We only had 4 kids and there were 3 helpers in there. It seems like every time I have nursery, (every 2nd Sunday of the month) i get the screamer. I got there a little late but was still the first helper to arrive. The nursery coordinator and another lady that was teaching across the hall were in there and there was a new little one in there just screaming his head off. I took charge and just held him and patted his little bottom. He fought me for a while and then settled down, but then he would start up for a minute or so. He continued this pattern for at least half an hour. My arms were getting extremely tired from holding him and standing and patting (he wasnt heavy, he was 2 years old, but really small). Finally he let me sit in one of the rockers and he fell asleep. He slept most of the rest of the time. Needless to say, I was tired after church. I told Ben he could rent The Incredibles movie because he kept seeing stuff about it but had never seen it. So we did that and ate some lunch and then took naps. David got home around 4:30, I was very glad for him to be home!

Ben woke up kinda early this morning, before i was ready to get up, and told me he was gonna take his pull up off and that he needed to go potty. I told him to go for it (from the comfort of my bed) and so he did! I was very proud of him. Then he came back in to tell me he finished and then said, "oh, i need to go" and off he went to the bathroom and a few seconds later said "mommy i pooped" so i told him not to flush it and i jumped up and ran in there to discover he had!!! Yay!!! I told him how proud of him i was and said he could pick out 2 prizes from his 'Potty Prize Box' (box full of little toys and candies put together by my mom and me) because he went potty all by himself. So, i think we are on the road to success! YAY!!!

The weather has been kinda weird today and this past weekend. It had been in the 90s, but on friday it cooled off some and then rained quite a bit saturday morning. It has stayed pretty cloudy through today and today its really windy, cloudy and chilly. We also had either 2 earthquakes or 1 earthquake and an aftershock this afternoon. They were fairly big too. Not to worry anyone though, none of the earthquakes ive experienced here have been big enough to do any damage, just makes stuff on the walls jiggle and you feel like your house is riding a tidal wave, I actually think its kinda cool.

Well, im done rambling for now. Hopefully this week isnt too eventful or too boring...

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