Sunday, February 22, 2009

lazy Sunday

Well, I should be doing laundry and cleaning house because we are leaving on Tuesday, but ever the procrastinator, im doing everything but what i should be! I will probably get busy after i type this, but i did just wake up from a nap so im still a little on the lethargic side.

Let's was another pretty uneventful week, we didnt do a whole lot until the end of the week and somewhat this weekend. Friday night, David helped a fellow off roading buddy take a group of his youth kids from church out to the desert. I think the had a fire and did hot dogs and stuff like that and then took the kids on rides in the desert. David likes that kind of stuff (obviously). We also had been invited to a surprise retirement/anniversary party for some friends of ours at church, the Hunts. Ben and I decided to go to that, and my inlaws went too because Marla is good friends with Mrs. Hunt. It was very nice. It was at our church, the decoration was beautiful, the food was excellent, the cake was YUMMY, and the surprises were soo fun!! They have 4 (grown boys). 3 of them live in the area (were good friends with their son Andy and his wife Sarah(and some of you know im good friends with Sarah, she used to live across the street from us and has a son named Tristan)). But, their other son is in the military and is stationed in Virginia, so obviously they dont see him as much as theyd like. Him and his youngest son flew in and added to the surprise of the party. And then towards the end of the party Andy and Sarah surprised everyone with the news of Sarahs pregnancy! We are all just sooo thrilled for them. This will be Andy's first child (even tho he considers Tristan his son). But it was so much fun to see The Hunts reaction to surprise after surprise and to see how many people love them and care for them, and how much love they still have for each other after 45 years of marriage. The counseled David and i before we got married and are a wonderful support to us, especially in the beginning. So, we had alot of fun at that.

Saturday we all kinda slept in. Halfway through the day I decided to go get a pedicure (and have a little alone time, mainly from Ben, haha) and David and Ben went out to the shop to get some stuff to trim one of the trees in our front yard. Half of this tree is almost dead, but the other part of it is still just fine. But, he needed to trim all the dead branches off. After that i made dinner, or i attempted to grill ribs (for David). Well, i didnt have enough charcoal to get them done very fast, so david went and got me some more, but it was getting late. We were invited to go to the symphony with a friend of ours and it started at 7. So, we were rushing around trying to eat the rest of dinner (the ribs would have to wait) and get at least a little cleaned up. The symphony was good. Usually its at Southwest High, but they were hosting a quiliting fair, so it was at Wilson Jr. High. Southwest has a much better auditorium for that kind of thing, and Wilson just had a gym for it. The music was still very good though. We took Ben, and i kinda had an idea he wasnt going to last because he didnt take a nap, but we thought we would try it anyways (the concert was free, so we wouldnt be losing any money). About halfway through the first half, he said he didnt like it, haha. We made him sit through the first half (maybe i shouldnt say sit, we tried to keep him as quiet as possible) and then we left at intermission. He still got a little dose of culture! I think he did like the music, he was just too tired.

We woke up and were getting ready for church this morning when David checked his phone. He had put it on silent the night before and forgot to take it off. But he had a message from some guy he knows who was off roading in the desert last night and broke something and then someone else was broken, and since David has the shop, he usually has parts too. I dont think he had the parts, but his truck has the power to pull broken stuff out! Haha, so he jetted out of here to save the day and Ben and i went on to church. David had nursery this morning, so i took his place, but hes going to have to take my place while were in Texas, so were even now. The kids were pretty good this morning. Some of them were fighting over toys and we had a couple crying outbursts, but they were pretty easy today.

Well, I guess i should go get some things done so im not running around like a crazy person tomorrow trying to pack and everything. I told my mom though that its not going to be too hard to pack this time because I only have so many outfits i can actually wear! Which is fine with me, I hate packing anyways. I think ive gotten it down to a fine art, and i think my dad is always surprised that i keep it under the 50 lb. weight limit! haha! Well, I cant wait to see everyone in Texas within the next couple weeks! I may or may not have time to update this thing, but will definitely update when i get home.

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