Thursday, January 28, 2010

I was singin in the rain, just singin in the rain!

I cannot believe it's almost February already! This month has been semi eventful, but not overly so. The weather has been glorious, it has rained at least 3 days! David and some of his friends went out to the desert on a rainy day, they left at about noon and didn't get home until 11 pm! People kept getting stuck so they would have to stop and pull them out and go a little further until someone else got stuck, but they all seemed to have a wonderful time. One guys truck didn't make it out of the desert that night because he got stuck and then his truck ran out of diesel. So the next day, the kids and i tagged along to get his truck out. David was amazed at how different 12 hours can make. Most all of the rain was dried up, some mud here and there and a couple puddles, compared to flowing water everywhere the night before.

We have hosted dinner at our house a couple times this month. We had friends over on 2 different Sundays for dinner and just last night we had David's parents, Grandpa Wymore and his good friend and daughter-in-law over to celebrate Grandpa's 85th birthday! I kept thinking how amazing it was that we were celebrating 85 years with him and he is in such amazing shape. He still drives everywhere, lives alone, travels, etc. We had a good time. I have really been enjoying trying some new recipes and adding to old ones.

Our women's ministry at church is about to start a new Bible study and i cant wait! I skipped the last one because it started not too long after Abby was born and I just wanted to get adjusted to having 2 kids before I jumped into too much. We're doing another Beth Moore study, and it's on the Fruit of the Spirit (can't remember what exactly its called) but I'm very excited, I've never done a study of hers that i didn't like. I've also been doing a read through the Bible devotional that my mom gave us girls for Christmas, and I have absolutely loved it!

Mom and Dad are going to be in San Diego for dad's convention the 2nd week of Feb! I think the kids and I are going to drive over and spend a day with just mom because dad will be at the convention. Then Bet's flies in on Thursday night and all 4 of us will drive back to SD on Friday morning and mom got us all rooms in La Jolla for Friday and Saturday nights so we can spend the weekend together. We have some things we want to do outside so I hope the weather is good!

Not much else going on here, looking forward to the weekend!

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