Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm doing pretty good at this update thing, let's see if i can keep it up throughout the holidays...Well, life with 2 kids and David as a husband never really gets boring. I may feel somewhat bored at times, but it's really not.

Abby is 5 months old...and she's crawling! She started almost exactly at the 5 month mark. She's still slow at it, but i know that once she gets the hang of it she's gonna be flying. I still laugh at how fast of a crawler Ben was, soo funny! She already makes a bee line for anything that's brothers...he's not too crazy about that. She has her 2 bottom teeth and i know she's working on another somewhere...but i cant figure out where. She woke up this morning with a runny nose, so i really hope its just from teething and shes not getting sick.

Sunday evening David was out at the shop working on his jeep and the kids and i were at home. Abby started getting fussy and i didnt want to put her to bed yet because it was too early, so we went for a drive. We drove out to the shop and Ben ended up staying out there for a little bit while Abby and i drove around for a while. I had just pulled up at the house and David and Ben were going to head home in a bit when i got a text from david saying "come quick!" so i flew out to the shop and found out ben had stepped on a rusty piece of metal and it went into his big toe. He was screaming his head off when it happened but david gave him a gobstopper and he was fine, haha! Anyways...i couldnt remember if he had had his tetanus shot, so we were worried about that. We got him cleaned up and put a bandaid on it and went home. I looked at his shot record, and yes, he has had his shots. I called the dr. office on monday morning just to make sure, and they said everything was fine, but he is due for a checkup and some shots...dang! Taking a baby for shots is one thing, but taking Ben for shots is not gonna be fun. He has an appointment on friday not looking forward to that. That was our excitement for the weekend.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So far it looks like its just gonna be our little family and Davids mom and step dad and maybe his grandpa, which is fine with me. As much as i like spending the holidays with as much family as possible, it'll be nice to just have a small crowd for thanksgiving since im the only cooker in the crowd. But i have already been planning in the back of my head...what food, table decorations, etc. But i also have been reminded to think of what im thankful for. Some people on facebook have been challenged to write something they are thankful for every day from now until thanksgiving that they are thankful for. I think its a wonderful idea. Today i am thankful for my sweet husband. He has stuck with me for almost 5 years (and they havent been 5 wonderful years either), he has given me 2 beautiful children, he works hard so that i can stay home with the kids, and he loves me for who i am. We have definitely come a long way since getting married and i love him more every day. So, i would challenge everyone to think of something you are thankful for every day and maybe write it down somewhere!

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