Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November already?!

It seems like everyone has been talking about their blogs today, so it motivated me to update mine, not just by posting, but a new layout and everything! And, if anyone cares, you can see exactly how old both kiddos are on the side --->

Well, it's November already. Time flies! Mom and Dad came out for their visit last month and we had a wonderful time. I am so completely blessed to have such wonderful parents. I know that they are busy people and 900 miles isn't exactly close, so i feel extra blessed that they are able to come out here and can get us back to Texas as often as we do.

Ben and Abby are doing good. We have been spared from getting the flu or any other illness unlike lots of other people. It's amazing how healthy Ben has been, especially since we got the allergies and eczema under control. Everyone always wants to hear funny stories, and i usually have plenty of them with a Benjamin around. He gets the Hilights magazine in the mail, and i guess he just noticed it this afternoon, so he came up to me and said "mom, i want to show you something. I want to do this" so i looked at it, and it was a cartoon of some kids making turkey cookies. They traced their hands in the cookie dough to make the turkeys (like we always made the paper ones in school). I thought it was a cute idea, so we got the stuff to make them this evening. I put Abby on the floor to play and Ben and i sat at the dining room table to make cookies. Ben was really excited to begin with and a little hyper, so by the time we were done cutting out the cookies and i put them in the oven, he was REALLY excited! I told him good job when we were done and he started jumping around and laughing and he went over to Abby who was laying on the floor and he wanted to give her a high 5...well...she obviously wasnt giving him the response he wanted, so he high 5ed her forehead! Oh my goodness, that boy is crazy! This afternoon i decided to put some music on because Ben is grounded from the TV for the next 2 days (for reasons im just not going to get into because im still a little ticked) so anyways...we were hanging out in Abbys room listening to music and Ben wanted me to dance...hah...i told him im just not that into dancing and i told him to dance. He said he would teach me how, so he started shaking his booty and other odd movements and told me to just do was pretty funny. Having kids is the best source of entertainment!

November 1st would have been my brother Aarons 20th birthday...geez. Bittersweet day. I thank God that we were given the 16 years we had with him, but its also just sad that we dont get to celebrate anymore birthdays with him, and he was my birthday buddy. We both had november birthdays. The last time i saw him was for his 16th birthday and we went ahead and celebrated mine and his birthdays together. Man i miss him. I wish he could be here to see Ben and Abby and Annie. But i know he's in a better place. November 18th will be 4 years...but, it will also be my sweet niece Annies 1st birthday!!! So exciting!

Anyways...we seem to be staying pretty busy. David got an old jeep that he's been tinkering on and taking out to the desert alot. It's nice that he has a project that he enjoys working on and thats not a constant source of frustration. I've been doing several different crafts...sewing, hairbow making, crosstiching. I've really been having fun making hair bows for miss abby, one to match each outfit, haha! I keep finding different methods of making them and have had fun trying them out to see what i like.

Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away, and then Christmas right after that! We're going to be here for tgiving and in texas for christmas. The kids and i are flying out on dec. 11th and Davids not going to get out there until Christmas eve, and then were all leaving the 29th. Looking forward to a nice long visit! I'm going to leave you with a picture of Aaron and I celebrating our birthdays together and the new jeep in the family! Happy Fall everyone!

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