Friday, April 3, 2009

Wild Animal Park

I'm finally getting these pictures posted! I tried to do it earlier in the week but something wasnt working, so i did try. The weathers nasty today, so were just laying low in the house. There's supposed to be a movie under the stars tonight at church on the front lawn, but they said if it was still windy they would move it inside. At least they didnt cancel it, Ben's looking forward to it. Well, here's the pictures, I didnt take too many, but hope you enjoy!

Ben rode the carousel with Grandma Marla.

They had a Little Tykes jungle gym for kids, so we took a break there. He of course had to ride the jeep.

Ben driving.

Ben and Grandma on the African Adventure tour. It's a little tour around the natural environment they have set up for the African animals. We saw lions, zebras, hippos, giraffes, and all kinds of other animals.
Ben had fun. The day was beautiful. We got free passes for a year to go to the wild animal park or the regular zoo, so we will definitely go back and see other animals!

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