Friday, March 27, 2009

(I never know what to title these!)

Ive been slacking in the blogging area. I guess weve been semi busy, but not overly. David just left for the weekend to go on a Christian off roading trip. He always has fun and im glad hes getting a couple more trips in before Abby is born and before the weather is just too hot to do that kind of stuff. Usually Ben and i get really bored when David is gone, but thank goodness, Marla jumped in and invited us to go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park tomorrow. I think Ben will enjoy it. We took him one time before he was even a year old, so you can imagine his interest in it, haha. So, were looking forward to that.

I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday, well actually it was an ultrasound appt. with the ultrasound tech. She did the 4D ultrasound, which is just amazing! I will try to get some of the pictures on here or bring a disc next time i have an appt. with her and then i can put them on here easier. So far i can tell that Abby is probably gonna resemble her big brother! She has that round face, full lips, and she even has a good amount of hair. When we first started looking at her, we thought her hand was in front of her face, which isnt unusual, but Mayela (the ultrasnd. tech) was trying to get Abby to move her hand so we could get a full face view but she was being stubborn and wouldnt move it. So she started looking at the rest of her body and we realized that oh, thats not her hand, it was her foot! It was funny, she was all folded up with her feet in front of her face. So i got to see her little feet and toes. And i am 100% sure that Abby is a girl! Haha! She was able to get a good view of her 'parts'. It's all just so amazing what were able to see these days. I have another appt. with my doctor in 2 weeks and i will ask him how much she weighs and let everyone know.

In other Abby news, i spent a good chunk of last weekend and early this week sanding and painting the dresser for her room. David has to do some modifications to it though because the drawers always fall off track. But as soon as all of that is done i will be able to start really putting the room together.

Well, i dont have much other news. I will take pictures at the zoo tomorrow and post those sometime soon. Hopefully i can keep Ben and i entertained this evening. Thank goodness hes taking a nap. When he doesnt get his nap these days, he is just impossible! Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Oh, I want to wish my 'little' sister a very happy birthday too! She is 17!!! that is just so weird to me. I remember when i was 17 (not that it was too long ago, but still). So, Happy Birthday Bets!!!

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