Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, I havent been doing so good at updating this thing regularly. But, here is an update of our lives over here.

I had a dr. appt. last tuesday. Everything looks good. Abby is about 4 lbs, shes a growin! The only not so great thing is that my blood sugar is high. I have to go take another glucose test that lasts 3 hours. It's not really a big deal, theyre just making sure everything is ok. Ill probably go do that tomorrow. My originial drs appt was on thursday, but i guess Dr. Gocke was going to be busy or something so they called me tuesday morning and asked if i could come in that day at noon, so i agreed. I took Ben with me, which was ok the first couple times, but he's gotten bored with it. He did pretty good for the first 15 or 20 min. of waiting and then he started getting hyper, climbing on chairs, being loud, etc. Then when we finally got back to the room, he started getting fussy and cranky. So he basically threw a fit for the rest of the appointment. I sent David a text and told him what was going on, and he drove straight over. But by the time he did get there, we were just walking out of the drs. So david had a talk with ben and then he took us to a nice long lunch. It was nice to spend some time together, all 3 of us. It seems like weve all been running in different directions.

We had a good Easter weekend. My cousin Annalesa came down from L.A. for the weekend. She got it late friday night and stayed till sunday afternoon. Saturday we decided to go exploring. We took her over to Yuma, AZ (about 45 min. away) and went to the old yuma prison. Its really neat. I think it was built in the late 1890s and they closed it by the early 1900s. But they have some of the original jail cells and everything. After that we talked the boys into eating lunch at Cracker Barrel, yum! That place is so good! After lunch we started driving through the desert. Our goal was to show her this place called The Hole that we discovered(i may have mentioned it in a past post) and then to another place called Salvation Mountain (a mountain/hill that a man painted with scripture etc.), but we only made it to the hole. It's a random place in the middle of the desert that has lots of plants and vines and stuff, its really cool, but you can tell its getting hot because it wasnt nearly as green and lush as the last time we went. We headed on home after that, we were all pretty much on empty. We went to church on Sunday, I had nursery duty, so David and Anna went to the service. I got to sit and rock one of the newborns the whole time, so i was content. After church we just came home. I made brisket (sp?), cheesy potatoes, garlic bread, salad and peach cobbler! It was all just way too good. Then we did a little easter egg hunt for Ben in the backyard. It was fun/funny. Then we did a little photo shoot. Annalesa took a bunch of pics over the whole weekend, so Ill post some when i get them from her. We had a good time, and its always nice to spend holidays with family. She left around 3 or so and we layed down for naps (me and ben). That evening we had been invited to some friends easter party on their farm. She goes all out for it. We were running a little late and had missed the egg hunt and the easter bunny, but she was so sweet and had left a patch of eggs for Ben to hunt, he got some serious loot. Missing the easter bunny was probably a good thing, he did NOT like it last year. We had a good time though.

We had a full weekend, but a fun one. We were all nice and tired though. David decided to stay home yesterday, which was nice. Ben got to play with him and i got to get out for a little bit. It was a nice lazy day. The evening was really nice so we walked over to the park and flew davids airplane that Bets got him for christmas and then Ben played on the playground for a while. I woke up thinking it was monday, but were already at Tuesday! Time flies!

Only 7 1/2 more weeks till miss abby is due! I'm getting closer to finishing her room, and when im done ive decided ill do a little video tour of it for everyone.

Ok, i think im caught up on our current events. Ill try to do a little better job of updating more often, but sometimes theres just not much to report. Hope everyone has a good week!

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