Wednesday, May 27, 2009

just waiting

Wow, I didnt realize it had been so long since i posted last. We've been semi busy, nothing super exciting. David has been fitting in some off roading trips the past couple weekends, and im glad he's been able to because he just really enjoys it...except when he breaks stuff...but even then he still usually has a good time. Ben has gone with him once or twice but Ive stayed home or have had other things to do.

I had a baby shower at church 2 weekends ago. There were about 20 women there, some i knew and some i just recognized, so it was really special to me that women who didnt even know me came. It was really neat because while we were snacking on some delicious food made by a couple of the women, everyone went around and told about themselves and gave me some advice on being a mother either to multiple children or to daughters specifically. It was just really sweet. I got some really cute clothes, accessories, etc. (or i guess i should say Abby did). I have a couple pictures of the decorations and everything but i honestly dont know where my camera is and im gonna be lazy right now and not go looking for it. But, just to get a little mental image, there was lots of pink, flowers, balloons, and just really cute stuff.

Today was a tiresome day. I had a dr's appt. this morning. From what he told me last week, i thought he was going to set an induction date for next week...well, he decided to not do that. My cervix just isnt thinning out like he wants it to, so for now, im still pregnant! hah! Im not miserable though, thank goodness, but im definitely getting bigger and bigger every day and it makes it hard to sleep well and really just to get around very well. My next appt. is on tuesday, so hopefully i will have started to dilate at least a little. Its hard though, because with Ben i knew when i was going to have him so mom was able to be here, but this time its just a matter of not really knowing what my body is doing and we cant really plan like we want to, but i just have to keep reminding myself that God knows best!

Besides my dr. appt. this morning, we had to have the bug man come and spray the house and yard. I needed to have my quarterly service anyways, and wanted to get it done before Abby was born, but I also found a flea in the house. I only saw one, but i want to be safe rather than sorry. We dog sat my mother in laws dogs a couple weeks ago and appearantly they had gotten fleas, but we of course didnt know that until after the fact. There are some stray cats that like to hang out on the side of our house, so were assuming thats where it all started. So anyways, we had to have the house sprayed for that too, and when they spray for fleas you have to stay out of the house for 5 hours. The bug man didnt get here till 2, so ben and i went and had a late lunch at carls jr and he got to play for a while. Then we went to the mall and walked around and he did some of the little rides. I did buy Abby an adorable little bathing suit that i had my eye on, and it was 50% off plus i had a coupon, score! Haha, now im just ready for that little girl to get here so i can see it on her! After that we went and took david some dinner and then i drove Ben around for a little while so he would fall asleep and take a little nap (he was starting to get grouchy) and he did, but then he woke up pretty grouchy. So we went back to the shop and hung out with David and Ben got to drive his truck in the dirt and he was in a better mood. But all in all, im pretty tired. I busted my booty yesterday to get the house clean for the bug man and was tired from that on top of not being able to relax in my own home for most of the day today. Oh well, I dont have anything else planned for this week...unless miss abby decides to make her appearance, which i wouldnt be one bit disappointed.

Well, i think that pretty much catches up the main things going on. Ill post again after my next dr. appt. or if something exciting happens.

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