Friday, May 1, 2009


Well, David went out of town this weekend and Im already bored out of my mind!!! He left yesterday afternoon to go up to Northern Cali where he went to bible college. They were having a reunion type thing. I really wanted to go, but its just too close to Abbys due date and its an 8 or so hour drive, so Ben and i are at home. I have plenty to do, just a lack of energy to do them. But im pretty determined to finish Abbys room tomorrow. All i have to do is change the sheets on the big bed, dust, clean the floors, and take out the trash. So, not much, just need to get in there and do it, and i know i will feel much better after i get it done.

Last weekend I took Ben to the Childrens Fair. They hold it at the park thats just 2 blocks from our house. I took him last year and we had a HUGE meltdown. I remember he screamed the whole way home (we walked home). This year was much better. No meltdowns!!! They have all kinds of booths set up, from food and snacks to health awareness kinds of things. Most of them give away free toys and books and stuff. After getting his loot from the booths, we rode the little train they bring in, which he loved! By then we were getting a little hot and tired, so we got some kettle corn and a drink and sat by the pond and watched the ducks and a guy drive his little motorized boat around. Then, this was the point our meltdown started last year. Let me back up for a second though. I dont know if its just the valley or california in general...but they dont have snow cone stands...and we live in the DESERT!!! Its sooo hott here, i think its almost a sin that they dont have snowcone stands here! But, there is a little company that has a trailer that sometimes parks in different parking lots and then they cater for parties, its called Spears Hawaiin Shaved Ice. But, they come to the childrens fair. Its a huge hit at the fair, so theres usually a decent size line. We were waiting it line last year when Ben threw his fit. But, because im pregnant and from midland(where you can get a snowcone any time of year) i wanted a snow cone. So we attempted it. We waited in line for at least 30 minutes...and we had success!!!! He started getting a little restless, but he stuck it out for me!

Ben was supposed to have some allergy testing done on Wednesday, so we got up and went to the dr. for our 11:30 appt. just to find out that we didnt have an appt....needless to say i was a little ticked...but appearantly when we went into the dr. last week and he got the shot and cream for his skin, they told my mother in law that we were going to have to reschedule that appointment...well i never got the memo. So, i rescheduled for next tuesday. His skin is doing great still, but im ready to get some answers allergy wise. I really think it will be a big answer to our problems.

I went to the dr. today and got to see miss abigail. She's looking good and my water is good. Shes got a strong heartbeat, I love hearing that every time. 5 more weeks to go until my due date. Im getting more and more anxious every day. Im just ready to hold that little girl in my arms and look at her. Im so looking forward to having a baby in the house again. I know that it means alot of work and some sleepless nights, but im ready! And i cant wait to see how Ben is with her. Im just really looking forward to this change in our lives.

Well, i dont have anything else to say. My boredom has been cured for a little bit...hopefully i can fall asleep soon and not toss and turn, but i never sleep very well when david is gone, hes like my security blanket. I love my husband. Hes the best. Ok, well, hope everyone has a good weekend!

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