Saturday, January 24, 2009

First Blog Entry

So, I thought I might start a blog so that I can keep everyone updated without having to write each individual all the time! There is so much happening in our lives right now that I thought this would be a good time. I will try to update it as often as possible, or as long as there's something new to tell.

Our latest news is that we are having another baby! Yay! It wasn't completely expected, but we are all sooo excited! As of my last drs. appt., were having a GIRL!!! My dr. was being very cautious though and told us he would confirm it at the next appt. (Feb. 6). But the nurse in there kept saying it was a girl. Just to play it safe we havent bought anything girly yet, except for a cute little sleeper that was on sale for $2. Can't resist a bargain. My mom also offered to help me make the baby bedding (bumper, skirt, etc) which i was overjoyed at because i have been looking all over the internet and havent seen what im looking for. So this way I can get what i want and learn some sewing skills from my momma, and i think it will be alot of fun! So were planning on tackling that project when Ben and i go out for our visit in March.

On other exciting, somewhat gross news. Ben pooped in the toilet today!!!!!!!!! You cannot understand how excited David and I were! We have been working on this since July!!! It was like it finally clicked today. The downside...he got the runs right after that. So we did have an accident, but i dont blame him, its all new to him, and having that problem at the same time just doesnt work well together. Oh well, im still very optimistic about the goal of having him completely potty trained by the time this baby comes.

Well, i think thats about it for my first post. I know i could write about more, but i dont wanna make it too long! I will try to post fun pictures occassionally too. The one above is of Ben playing at the shop with his Daddy and his new snow chains.

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