Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here's a photo dump for you. We've been busy! Good busy though. My parents were here visiting last week. They rented a cabin up in Idyllwild for all of us and we went up there 2 weekends ago. It's so beautiful up there. We did a little exploring, there was a wine and art walk that my parents did a little of, and we just hung out. It was nice and relaxing. But anyways, here are some pictures from the past couple weeks, in no particular order...

So we went on a small hike around a lake up by Idyllwild and I just happened to look down at one point and saw a couple lady bugs...and then I kept seeing them, this was the most lady bugs I had ever seen!!! they were just clumped everywhere, on the fence, on the ground and on plants and bushes. It was really cool!

My little model? and hunter? haha, I dunno...

My little family on top of a mountain

My wonderful parents! Thank y'all for everything mom and dad!!! We love you!!!

Yeah, this was on Monday after my parents left...and pretty much sums up her attitude for the day...she needed her Grammy and Pots back!!

Ben got new LEGO crocs from Grammy and Pots!

Wow, the quality of this is awful! But, it was dark and taken with my phone, but still pretty cute!

One of the projects my dad started for me. My straw bale garden (just do a search on Google or wherever for "straw bale garden") I'm soo excited about this, I hope it's successful. This was taken right after I planted my seeds.

Abby got her ears pierced again! She got them pierced back in February, but I guess one night one earring fell out and we didn't realize it until too late. It had already started to grow in and when I tried to put an earring back in it hurt her, so it wasn't worth it, we just let them grown in. She has been asking for awhile to get them pierced again, but we wanted Grammy to be with her when she did it, so that was one of the first things we did with Grammy.

i'm sooo excited about this. There's an antique shop on Main street that I've been to like once before, but awhile ago. My parent's and I went in and browsed for awhile. They have some great finds, I will definitely be going in there regularly. Anyways, I've been wanting a new side table/console table for by my couch and front door. When I saw this tea table and the price, I knew I had to have I got it! Love it!

Some more gardening. Flowers that Abby picked out and some cilantro and basil! Yumm!!

Yeah...this happened. David parked his car on the street one night (not an unusual occurance on our street) and someone decided to steal the tires and wheels off of just the one side, they must have gotten scared off or something because they left their jacks and the other 2 tires and wheels. Good grief, so ridiculous! And he had just gotten new tires!!!

My boy working hard on homework. I'm sooo proud of him! He's doing so well in school and is starting to read, so fun to see things clicking in that little mind of his!

So, on Saturday evening we went to this Harvest Market (or something, can't remember the name) in Imperial. It was fun, lots of booths and stuff. I got some fresh veggis, the kids got to play on one of those huge blow up slides, live music, food and other booths. Afterwards we decided to drive out to the country a bit and try and see the meteor shower. We got out there and it was windy...and it got the kids and I sat in the car and took pictures and watched some of the videos I've taken of them doing stuff that I had on my phone and we laughed, it was sweet.

Kids being kids!

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