Tuesday, August 4, 2009

love my babies!

Well, life has been fairly uneventful, which is ok. We have been keeping busy though with little weekend trips, which keeps me sane since i stay home most all the time. We went to the river 2 weekends in a row. We are sooo fortunate living where we do, i know that it gets insanely hot, but we have soo many things to do in relatively close proximity. We have San Diego 2 hours away where theres the beach, parks, shopping, zoo's, etc. Then we have the mountains in all directions of us that each have fun little towns or just cooler weather. And then we have the Colorado river thats only 45 minutes away. My all time favorite thing to do in the summer is to play in some sort of water...pool, river, ocean. So far, both of our babies seem to like the water as well. Ben lovesss playing in it and Abby loves sleeping in it, haha! We got a little floatie for her and we cradle her in it and she falls asleep, but only if its being rocked by the waves or someones hand. And, our new tradition it seems is to go eat at the Cracker Barrell after a day on the river, yumm!!

Ben and Abby are both doing good, both growing like weeds. Ben is staying healthy, and to me that is one of the biggest blessings. Abby is healthy, and so far i dont see her having any of the skin problems that ben has had, praise the Lord!!! I really think his problems (eczema, allergies) stem from being on the antibiotic for so long. Abby will be 2 months old tomorrow! Man time flies! I have to take her to the doctor on friday for her check up and she has to get her first set of shots, i think she has to get like 6, and i HATE it. I would take them for her if i could. One of my least liked things is having to watch my babies be poked and prodded. But, im going to be a responisble mommy and take her anyways, and then hold her and cuddle her and tell her how sorry i am that i had to let them do that, haha! We think shes teething already too. She constantly wants to suck/chew on something (she seems to like daddies hand alot) and she drools and fusses alot. Ben teethed early and so did david and i. Im just glad i know what to expect this time, i was completely blindsided when ben started, i had nooo clue what was wrong with the child until i saw the little tooth poking through. Also, she loves to smile and talk to us, especially her daddy. She had a very long conversation with him last night, it was soo precious. She was just lookin up at her daddy and grinnin at him and working that mouth and making all kinds of noises! Watching my kids learn new things is one of my favorite things!

Were leaving for Texas in 9 days!!!!! Yayyy!!! We cant wait! Im sooo ready to see all of my family and friends, Ben is ready to see everyone, he keeps asking me when were going, David is im sure ready for some vacation, and i know abby is ready to meet everyone (or at least vise versa)

Not much else going on in our lives, just loving our babies and living life. I'll leave you with a picture of Abbys favorite river activity (for those of you who may not see it on facebook).

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